ICOME & Trefftz/MFS 2015
•  The 5th Asia-Pacific International Conference on Computational Methods in Engineering
    and the 11th Chinese National Conference on Computational Methods in Engineering
•  Joint International Conference on Trefftz Method VII and Method of Fundamental Solutions III

Hangzhou, China, October 11-13, 2015

Conference 1 -> Topics

    New developments, methods and achievements in fields related to computational mechanics and numerical engineering simulation. Including but not restricted to
    • Boundary Element Methods
    • Meshless & Particle Methods
    • High-performance Finite Element Methods
    • Mathematical Analysis of Numerical Methods
    • Fast Algorithms
    • Numerical Techniques
    • Elasticity & Elastoplasticity
    • Elastodynamics
    • Contact Mechanics
    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Static, Quasi-static Electromagnetic Fields
    • Electromagnetic Waves
    • Coupled Problems
    • Optimization
    • Inverse Problems
    • Heat transfer
    • Other subjects such as Soft Computing, Knowledge Engineering, Machine Learning and Web/IT-based or Computer-aided Engineering